RSGT receives largest environment-friendly container vessel

Al-Nefud, described as the largest environment-friendly container vessel, docked at Red Sea Gateway Terminal (RSGT) of Jeddah Islamic Port (JIP) on Thursday. Nabeel Al-Amoudi, president of Port Authority; Aamer Alireza, CEO of RSGT; and Walid Al-Dawod, chairman of the board of Arabian Marine Co., welcomed the 18,800 TEUs (twenty-foot equivalent container units) capacity vessel. Al-Nefud, with its size of 400 meters long, 60 meters wide and 30 meters deep, as deep as Zamzam, can carry cargo of 18,800 containers. During the reception, Al-Amoudi expressed his gratitude to all parties involved in ensuring the smooth call of the ship.


RSGT receives largest environment-friendly container vessel


The Saudi Industrial Services Co. (SISCO) announces today 15/05/ 1437 H, 24/02/2016, the approval of Saudi Ports Authority of the expansion works for its subsidiary Red Sea Gateway Terminal Company (of which SISCO owns the 60.6% of the share capital) in Jeddah Islamic Port (JIP).The cost of development of this project is estimated to be SAR 510 million Saudi Riyals to be spent over next two years; and it will be financed through cash flow generated from operations of Red Sea Gateway Terminal Co and Islamic loan facilities. It is expected to increase the capacity of the terminal by 40% to more than 2.2 million TEUs. Company is at advance stages of negotiations with lenders and details of loan arrangement will be announced once the agreements are signed. The project includes the extension and rehabilitation of the main berth and conversion of the feeder berth to a main one enabling berthing of three mega vessels simultaneously, with the deepening of the approach channel and a larger turning basin to safely accommodate larger ships. The plan also includes ordering of mega Quay Cranes, Yard Cranes in addition to terminal trucks. The project is in accordance to the company's strategy (Red Sea Gateway Terminal) catering for the expected growth in the maritime industry and to promotion of Jeddah Islamic Port as a major hub for mega vessels capable of handling vessels up to 20,000 TEUs. This development will not have any significant impact on current year financial results of the company.

SCC Group announces that one of its subsidiaries has achieved cable system certification (UM)


SCC Group is pleased to announce that its wholly owned subsidiary, Demirer Kablo, has successfully achieved 170 kV (Um) cable system certification utilizing its own cable and accessories, as per IEC 62067 on System Type Test performed under CESI and TEIAS (Turkish Electricity Transmission Company) witnessing. The loop consisted of 154 kV 1600 mm2 solid dialectric copper cable, outdoor termination, conventional and dry type SF6 terminations and premoulded joint. The test was performed with a set of the Groups new generation accessories manufactured with state of the art Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) injection technology at DKs facility in Bozuyuk, Turkey.