Karam Fedics Services Company Ltd. 



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Corporate Offices:

  • Saudi Arabia: Xenel Building, 28th Street Al-Khobar, Eastern Province
  • Bahrain: Flat 105, Building 1942, Road 1333,Block 913, Riffa, Kingdom of Bahrain


A leading provider of outsourced life support services.

In any work environment, well prepared and tasteful nutrition helps maintain employee productivity. This is where Karam Fedics comes in – we have a deep understanding of the nutritional requirements for each business sector to which we provide services and know how to provide it in an appealing and tasty manner.


With experience gained over more than twenty years and backed by the power and reach of Fedics in South Africa, Karam Fedics is today a leading provider of life support services (camp management, catering, laundry, housekeeping, janitorial, recreation and maintenance services) in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. With its technical expertise and skilled management team, Karam Fedics offers each client a flexible life support solution designed to accommodate the client’s unique needs and circumstances in a manner that optimizes the life support experience.

  • Industrial Catering:

We are experienced at delivering cost effective, high volume catering solutions that tastefully fulfill nutritional requirements.

  • Healthcare: 

We provide highly specialized patient catering that is both compliant with patient medical requirements and meets exacting standards of taste.

  • Staff Villages and Camps: 

We have a full service capability for all functions related to managing and servicing camps used for bachelor accommodation.

  • Oil & Gas: 

We offer a full suite of life support services designed for those living in the challenging environments in which onshore and offshore drilling rigs work. 


  • Al kuhaimi metal industries ltd
  • Offshore - arabian drilling company
  • Offshore- global santa fe
  • Helmerich & payne rasco inc, bahrain (on shore oil rigs)
  • Red sea gate terminal, jeddah
  • Saudi readymix concrete co ltd – central, eastern and western regions
  • Saudi electricity company (ghazlan plant)
  • Sinopec drilling international (on shore oil rigs)
  • Tadawi hospital
  • Zp arabia drilling co (on shore oil rigs)
  • Drilling petroleum services (off shore oil rigs)
  • Hercules offshore drilling (off shore oil rigs)

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Al Karam Fedics Services Company Ltd. 
Xenel Building, 28th Street Al-Khobar
P.O.Box 31952
Al-Khobar 31952
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

 +966 (013) 887 6211
 +966 (013) 882 0073