Arabian Services Group


Location / Regions

  • Group Headquarters: Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia

Industry Sector

Property management & Shared Services.


Property management and policy, direction and support for Financial, Information Technology,  Administration, and Logistical Services to subordinate Group Companies.


ASG will become a valued and respected business partner throughout the Arabian Services Group companies by continuously delivering support services in a timely, reliable and consistent manner.


The mission of ASG is to offer an integrated service approach to finance, IT & human resource function throughout the ASG companies that will skillfully balance the efficiency and customer service to add value through lower cost and improved effectiveness while allowing business unit leaders the ability to focus more on their core business.


  • Shahad Compound
  • Samar Compound replace Shahad Compound 
  • Xenel Building 
  • Nardeen Building 
  • Al Mousa Commercial & Residential Tower 
  • Dammam Port Complex

Contact Us

Arabian Services Group
P.O. Box 4225,
Al Khobar 31952
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

 +966 (013) 887 1222
 +966 (013) 882 2508