Agri Bulk Trade 


Location / Regions

Jeddah/Al Khobar/Riyadh/Buraidah/Jubail


Agriculture Bulk Trade Ltd. was established in 1984. The Company specializes in trading in Agricultural commodities, feed grain and fertilizer. The company has invested in extensive agricultural research. The company undertakes field trials, soil testing etc. to establish new and more effective methods of improving crop yields.

Agriculture Bulk Trade Ltd. in partnership with its sister company International Company for Chemicals Ltd. (ICC) has evolved products ideally suited to the country’s climate and supports these products with farm visits, consultancy and various services.

Agriculture Bulk Trade Ltd. is the sole distributor of Trace Elements produced in Saudi Arabia by International Company for Chemicals Ltd. (ICC) under license with Yara UK Ltd. for sale to the agricultural sector.

Contact Us

Agriculture Bulk Trade Ltd. 
PO Box 2194
Al Khobar 31952
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

 012-6251383 (JEDDAH)
 013-8823030 (Al Khobar)
 011-4789323 (Riyadh)
 016-3816706 (Buraidah)
 013-3419191 (Jubail)