Red Sea Gateway Terminal


Location / Regions

  • Jeddah

  • Saudi Arabia


Developer & Operator of import Zone at the Jeddah Islamic Port


  • Construction, Development and Management of the import Zone in Jeddah.

  • Customs clearance, logistics Services, Warehousing & Distribution.


  • Best in class terminal facilities and State of the art equipment with dual lift capability

  • A dedicated deep-water channel, 300m wide and able to accommodate next-generation cargo ships and A dedicated feeder berth

  • A State of Art Container Services Department

  • Separate X-ray facilities

  • Intermodal capabilities rail line within the terminal

  • Adjacent BRZ under the same management

Achievements / Awards

The USD 540 million RSGT is the first BOT project in Saudi Arabia that is clearly redefining the standard of terminal operations in the Red Sea Basin and beyond

The terminal started commercial operations on 22/12/2009; and in 22/12/2010, during an internationally rocky year, and the terminal out performed expectations; as a result of aggressive commercial planning combined with relentless focus on operational/administrative cost.

The number of vessels handled has at the terminal increased accordingly from 14 vessels in January 2010 to 64 vessels in November 2011 with 8 major global shipping lines for Asia, Middle East, Europe and America bound.

RSGT received the CSCL Star 14,100 + TEU vessel on its first Red Sea call on Tuesday (21st June 2011). The arrival over and above the increasing number of ULCS (10,000+TEUs) visiting RSGT, is a clear sign of the attraction the Green-field container facility has brought to Saudi’s busiest port.

The terminal scored a double whammy handling a record 0.5 million TEUs while achieving Operational Break-even within first year of its commercial operations. (22/DEC 2010). Monthly volume since 22.12.2009 has been remarkable

01/2010 - 16,000TEU

07/2010 - 61,000TEU

22/12/2010 - ended it first year of operations achieving a remarkable 511,000TEU.

06/2011- hit 1 million TEU a landmark for any start up terminal

RSGT is equipped with the world’s largest, state of the art forty-foot tandem lifting Quay Crane which has contributed to the upsurge to the previously ‘lower than international average” crane productivity at Jeddah Islamic port bringing it in line with international standards and beyond.

Today RSGT productivity rate has reached 318mph upping earlier JIP record 219 Mph.

Based on this high productivity, vessel staying time has been significantly reduced; allowing shipping lines to cut fuel consumption and keep the sailing schedule.

RSGT increased efficiency is not limited wharf-side. A huge reduction on the turnaround time of the trucks allowing JIP to eliminate bottle necks and congestion during peak season this year.

95% of truck are completing loading/discharging work inside RSGT terminal and gate-out within 60 minutes in average.

The gate turnaround time is expected to further improve by OCR (Optical Character Recognition) auto-gate system from 2nd quarter, 2011 which is introduced for the first time in Saudi Arabia.

And the RSGT effect is not only contained to the terminal – 5 months after going Live! (May 2010), our mother port JIP was ranked as ‘4 stars’ Port in the same league as many of the world’s leading ports in terms of efficiency of cargo handling, port fees, information services, problem-solving and application of global standards.

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